Proposed Research Priorities

areas needing further focus

  • How can we better understand the complex, multiple burdens of malnutrition in LMICs: Undernutrition, micronutrient deficiencies and overweight/ obesity), their determinants (including genetics), and interactions of nutrition and poor health?
  • How can sustainable diets and food systems for planet and human health be defined, measured and implemented, and where can (disruptive) technology can play a role in ensuring sustainability?
  • What are the mechanism to improve the food environment within urban settings: South Asia, SE Asia, Africa and how can food value chains be more nutrition sensitive?
  • What tools and technology do we have to prevent, adapt, and mitigate against food and water insecurity of populations in conflict regions/ situations and extreme weather (storms, drought)?
  • How can we better design and evaluate national programs / policies to promote adaptation to climate change – do they reach the poor / address inequities?
  • What are the health and environmental impacts of industrial animal production in LMICs?