Sheridan Jones. Photo credit: Serena Kefayeh / Creation Ideation

Sheridan Jones. Photo credit: Serena Kefayeh / Creation Ideation

Sheridan Jones, MPS, MICD

    School/Dept/Institution Affiliation(s):

    • Johns Hopkins University
    • Bloomberg School of Public Health


    • Associate Director of Communications & Outreach, Alliance for a Healthier World


    Sheridan Jones leads communications for the Alliance for a Healthier World including engagement strategy, messaging, branding, design, and written and visual storytelling.  She brings an integrative lens to the team with more than a decade experience in diverse cultural settings across five continents, training in multiple disciplines, and a passion for human health and environmental conservation.

    Sheridan spent several years in Ethiopia, India, Malawi, Qatar, Tanzania and Zambia working with communities to document or implement community health projects in low resource settings.  Witnessing the gaps in understanding between different sectors, and between communities in the north and south, has shaped her career path. As a result, Sheridan is dedicated to sharing knowledge through the strategic use of writing, photography, video, design and digital platforms that portray context, culture and universal human experiences.  For subject matter, she is focused on and fascinated by the interactions between health, livelihoods, and the environment.

    While earning a masters degree in public relations & corporate communications from Georgetown University, Sheridan served as a research fellow on storytelling best practices for the Center for Social Impact Communications.  She also holds a Master of International and Community Development from Deakin University incorporating a focus on international health from Curtin University in Australia.

    Sheridan thrives on gathering, synthesizing and translating knowledge, sharing critical insights and amplifying stories about inspiring individuals or issues of social justice. Her experience operating in multiple cultures, and training in several disciplines, provide a valuable perspective for bridging the communication gaps between diverse expertise disciplines.  With a toolbox of multimedia skills, she aims to support and promote the research efforts of AHW’s grant teams and thematic groups by facilitating effective connections between experts and sharing knowledge in ways that stimulate innovation and action in people’s lives.

    Originally from southeast Australia, Sheridan has spent most of her adult life living in Europe, East and Southern Africa, the Middle East and USA. Currently, Sheridan lives with her family in a historic village in Baltimore City. Beyond professional work, she enjoys yoga, gardening, standup paddling, mountain-biking and hiking with her dog, Finn.

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