Ruth Young. Image by Sheridan Jones McCrae/AHW

Ruth Young. Image by Sheridan Jones McCrae/AHW

Ruth YOung, MS

School/Dept/Institution Affiliation(s):

Bloomberg School of Public Health


PhD Candidate in International Health (Health Systems)

Ahw focus:

Healthy Environments


Ruth is a Global Health Equity Scholar and will support the Health Environments work stream. Currently, Ruth is a first year PhD student in International Health (Health Systems).

She obtained her Masters in Science (Health Policy, Planning and Financing) from the London Schools of Economics, and, Hygiene and Tropical Medicine. Since then, she worked as a Research Associate at the Duke Global Health Institute and prior to that was a consultant and Overseas Development Institute fellow with the Ministry of Health in Malawi. She hopes her experience working with and for governments in different countries will help the Alliance generate policy-relevant research.

She is passionate about improving the health of those most vulnerable especially with increasingly more complex, system wide drivers of poor health like climate change.

Ruth hails from New Zealand and Australia.  She enjoys listening to music, hiking and being outdoors.