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Alliance for a Healthier World Programs


**NB: Many of these resources are still in development.  Please return again in future to download.

  • AHW Organization Overview
  • Fact Sheet - Food & Nutrition Security  (in development)
  • Fact Sheet - Healthy Environments  (in development)
  • Fact Sheet - Gender Equity & Justice  (in development)
  • Fact Sheet - Transformative Technologies & Institutions  (in development)
  • Fact Sheet - Global <-> Local Learning  (in development)
  • Fact Sheet - Multi-sector Collaboration  (in development)
  • Fact Sheet - Knowledge Sharing with Diverse Audiences  (in development)

AHW Priority Areas & Approaches

  • Concept Paper - Food & Nutrition Security  (in development)
  • Concept Paper - Healthy Environments  (in development)
  • Concept Paper - Gender Equity & Justice  (in development)
  • Concept Paper - Transformative Technologies & Institutions  (in development)
  • Concept Paper -

JHU Ecosystem Supporting Innovation  (in development)

Guidelines for working with AHW

  • AHW Branding Affiliation - use of logos, icons, images (in development)
  • Content Submission Tips for AHW publications
  • Funding Grant Documents  (in development)

Frequently Asked Questions

Informational Videos, images & Graphics

Impact Reports


Other Resources on Healthy Equity Topics

Opportunities - events, conferences, fundings, calls for papers, contests

Multi-sector Collaboration

  • Cross-sector Jargon Glossary  (in development)
  • Add resource articles, videos, graphics here  (in development)

Health Equity & Determinants

  • Add resource articles here  (in development)


Further resources will be added to this library in coming months.