Rachael Pellegrino

Rachael Pellegrino

Rachael Pellegrino

School/Dept/Institution Affiliation(s):

Bloomberg School of Public Health

School of Medicine


Dual degree - MPH/MD

Ahw focus:

Communications & Coordination


Rachael Pellegrino is a member of the Global Health Equity Scholars Program and will be working in strategic communications. She is between her 3rd and 4th year of medical school at Johns Hopkins and is currently in the Master of Public Health program. During her masters year, she is concentrating her studies in Epidemiology and Biostatistics and will be focusing her research in infectious diseases.

Rachael has had experiences working with local community organizations and in academic research internationally. Learning as a medical student in Baltimore has provided her a lens into systemic health care disparities as well as opportunities to be a part of organizations such as Thread and Charm City Clinic that serve the Baltimore community. She has also spent time in South Africa working to improve a clinic based screening program for tuberculosis in children. Being a part of these multidisciplinary efforts introduced her to an array of initiatives and innovations focused on health equity and has served as an inspiration for joining the Alliance for a Healthier World.

Rachael is originally from Hot Springs, Arkansas and attended the University of Arkansas for Undergraduate studies in anthropology and biochemistry. She enjoys playing ultimate Frisbee, biking and swing dancing.