Our vision is to bring together faculty and students from across Johns Hopkins University, along with our partners and disadvantaged communities around the world, to integrate and unleash the full range of scientific, analytic, and creative capabilities to advance global health equity”
— The Alliance for a Healthier World

A GAP TO FILL in global health

Complex social problems require multiple perspectives 

A key challenge of global health is to raise the health, nutrition and wellbeing of the world’s poorest people – over a billion people suffering from wide-ranging manifestations of poverty.

New approaches are needed to address the complexity of disease, disability, malnutrition, and the social, economic, and environmental conditions of the world’s most disadvantaged populations.

Johns Hopkins University has pioneered the field of global health research and education as a multiple disciplinary effort to address health problems of disadvantaged populations. We have discovered, tested, and supported a wide range of interventions – low-cost, highly effective solutions such as vaccines, diagnostics, antibiotics, vitamins, family planning, safe deliveries, and safe water supplies.

We have also developed deep insights about the different dimensions of disadvantage in populations around the world, and on the social, political, economic, and physical and biological constraints and opportunities for good health.   

But JHU, like others working in global health, have been limited in our ability to solve the most complex and intractable social problems linked to health inequities.

New approaches needed

To address this gap in the global health arena, we have launched a bold, innovative, cross disciplinary alliance to tackle the unresolved root causes limiting opportunity for healthier lives, particularly those in low to middle income countries.

What is the Alliance for a Healthier World?

The Alliance for a Healthier World is a Johns Hopkins University signature initiative to integrate university-wide expertise and diverse perspectives to unlock groundbreaking knowledge addressing unresolved global health challenges. It serves as an enterprising partnership and resource hub to stimulate and support innovation around healthy equity via multidisciplinary events, funding grants, mentorship and strategic communication that bring the Hopkins community together. Experts from medicine, nursing, public health, international relations, engineering, education, economics, business, policy, bioethics, and across the natural and social sciences, arts and humanities, work side by side with partners and disadvantaged communities around the world.

It is designed as a boundary-spanning ecosystem. This involves linking researchers across disciplines; bridging interests of policy-makers, practitioners, civil society, vulnerable populations and academics; and networking with those working in the arts and humanities, social sciences, natural sciences, computational and clinical sciences around a common theme of global health equity – health and wellbeing for all.

The Alliance for a Healthier World specializes in cross-disciplinary, applied research that is focused on studying and seeking solutions to targeted complex global health challenges.  This signature theme of our collective work is transforming health equity in low to middle income countries. Our innovative research is translated to engage policy makers and implemented in cooperation with partners and communities around the world.

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