The Alliance for a Healthier World is made up of Johns Hopkins faculty, staff, students, as well as our partners from around the world and in Baltimore who bring a focused attention to complex and systemic health inequities to create change built on multidisciplinary collaboration and deep engagement. We focus on promoting equity and justice in gender, food and nutrition security, healthy environments and transformative technologies and institutions that serve disadvantaged people around the world. In order to accomplish this:

· We convene a network of key stakeholders around health equity challenges

· We facilitate meaningful and inclusive conversations and help build multidisciplinary teams

· We distill key messages, insights and learnings relevant to global health equity challenges and opportunities and effectively communicate them to target audiences

· We provide resources aimed at addressing global health inequities by connecting people and providing grant funding

· We teach and model health equity perspective in our work

· We support an enabling environment for equitable access to innovation, invention and knowledge generation

· We seek out and form dynamic and mutually beneficial partnerships with individuals, communities and institutions in low and middle-income settings

· We raise funds for use in support of AHW goals and activities

Our vision is to bring together faculty and students from across Johns Hopkins University, along with our partners and disadvantaged communities around the world, to integrate and unleash the full range of scientific, analytic, and creative capabilities to advance global health equity.

Why focus on health Equity?

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Interconnected Expertise

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Multi-pronged Strategy

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