Linda Tchernyshyov.. Image by Sheridan Jones McCrae/AHW

Linda Tchernyshyov.. Image by Sheridan Jones McCrae/AHW

Linda Tchernyshyov

School/Dept/Institution Affiliation(s):

Krieger School of Arts & Sciences



Ahw focus:

Gender Equity & Justice


Growing up in Germany and studying history and linguistics on both sides of the Atlantic, Linda has worked in different cultures and languages and will contribute to the research progress of AHW. In the past, they have been part of interdisciplinary teams working on topics ranging from academic policy to Theory of Mind in animals.

Linda is looking forward to examining problems in health equity using analytical skills developed in their academic research on the production and consumption of jazz in early 20th century Germany. While doing this research, they have analyzed literally thousands of documents and gained experience in working with primary sources such as sound recordings, photographs, interviews, and collected objects. In this context, they have learned to think about the construction of narratives and have come to deeply care about making marginalized voices visible in an ethical way. Linda particularly enjoys complex and non-linear narratives and conducting research to fill existing analytical gaps.

As the Graduate Representative Organization’s Health Concerns Chair, Linda helped peers navigate the healthcare system. Having personally experienced how health and economic status are connected, they are dedicated to social justice and health as a human right. They hope that this research will not simply be an exchange between academics but that communities can access it to strive for health equity.

Linda caught the long distance running bug after finishing a 5K in 2016. In October 2017, they finished their first half marathon and are currently training for a full marathon. Linda dreams of being able to run and knit at the same time.

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