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Sharing updates in research from multiple disciplines


This publication serves researchers, practitioners, community leaders and members, policymakers and others focused on addressing multi-sector health inequities, globally and locally. It highlights the complex connections between various determinants of health and wellbeing for all.

  • The Health Equity Connector connects those from diverse sectors and disciplines by sharing original writings and visuals from Johns Hopkins colleagues, partner organizations and communities we work with.

  • Each edition will also offer a tailored list of useful articles, tools and tips curated from relevant publications and social media postings, and highlight global and local opportunities including events, funding, contests and training resources.

Submitting content to the Health Equity Connector


Submissions are welcomed from all Johns Hopkins Divisions, partners and affiliates. The content must have specific relevance to our readers who are focused on tackling challenges around health equity (or one of the AHW priority research themes). 

Types of content to consider submitting include:

  • Review or summarize a case study about a campaign, research approach, or project implementation and highlight the implications for health equity or multidisciplinary research

  • Offer a reaction, opinion or summary on a groundbreaking published paper or mainstream media article (e.g. new policy, new research) and its implications for health equity

  • Interviews with subject matter experts (researchers or community voices directly affected by health inequity)

  • Informative, inspiring stories showcasing community voices and/or lessons learned about research approaches, project implementation or engagement at community sites

    Contact Kris Henry at khenry39@jhu.edu for submissions and questions.