Join the Alliance & support our mission

The Johns Hopkins Alliance for a Healthier World will solve some of the most complex and challenging health problems the world faces. Achieving this ambitious contribution calls for an intensive multidisciplinary solutions ecosystem to engage all Hopkins’ Divisions and leverage the diverse expertise of faculty, staff, students and our partners.

To take on the enormous challenges of improving health equity throughout the world, we seek the support of generous people and innovation organizations who share our dedication.

We invite you to join us as a vital partner in achieving the life changing possibilities we envision. Support our mission to contribute significant progress towards more equitable healthier lives in disadvantaged communities.

There are a number of ways you can play a part.


The Alliance for a Healthier World works closely with external partner organizations and local communities based around the world to refine, test and implement research and innovative solutions.

We are continuously seeking new relationships within and beyond the Johns Hopkins community to enhance the impact of contributions to global health equity. 

Make A Gift

To ensure we continue producing new research and innovations to fill the gap around unresolved global health challenges, [and for our students to play a part that will shape them forever], we need your support.

Please contact our development officer, who stands ready to guide you in exploring gift opportunities and planning gifts in ways that answer your goals and ours.