AHW Content Contribution Guidelines

The Johns Hopkins Alliance for a Healthier World (AHW) circulates information to the Johns Hopkins community and the external stakeholders on current trends, research and activities that foster collaboration and progress toward health equity, globally and locally. The AHW Communications team invite members of the Johns Hopkins community and affiliated partners to contribute articles, graphics, podcasts, videos and other media that helps to effectively share information and ideas, preferably around one of our thematic areas as they relate to health equity.   

  1. Food & Nutrition Security

  2. Healthy Environments

  3. Gender Equity & Justice

  4. Transformative Technology & Innovations

For a description of each thematic area, visit the Research Priorities page.

How we share information

We currently disseminate information in four communications channels: 

  1. AHW’s website, which features a news blog with relevant information and ideas on research and activities. Most of the contents are presented as articles. Other approaches besides articles may be utilized, such as videos and graphics (accompanied by a thoughtful introduction).

  2. AHW’s monthly roundup, the Health Equity Connector, a multidisciplinary publication typically released on the last Tuesday of each month to a mailing list of over 600 people, and with links shared to each JHU Division’s outreach channels. Most written content is presented in a short paragraph or two, which reference to a full article or a webpage.

  3. AHW’s Health Equity Event Announcements, a listing disseminated each 1 - 2 weeks (depending on event quantity) of JHU or Baltimore-based events that are of relevance to researchers and practitioners focused on advancing health equity.

  4. Social Media via AHW’s Twitter, @JohnsHopkinsAHW, offers a way to quickly share and forward information.

Targeted Audiences for AHW Content

AHW has several audience segments: 

  • Johns Hopkins community, which includes faculty, staff and students across all JHU divisions (who each have a unique perspective on what health equity means and how to contribute to it); and

  • External stakeholders interested in health equity and social justice issues, including practitioners, community members, partners, policymakers and funders.

Because our audience spans many fields and areas, our communications style speaks to an educated but not necessarily technically-knowledgeable audience - this also includes your academic colleagues who are not experts in the methodology, tools and language of your specific discipline. To appeal to this audience, we want to avoid reading long arguments, field-specific jargon or narrowly technical writing. They want to be inspired and educated about cross-sector solutions to global health equity and social justice challenges. 

How to be a Content Contributor

Event Announcements or Promoting Social Media posts

Requests for AHW to share event announcements or social media posts can be sent to any time during the month. 

  • Please review AHW’s Content Suitability Recommendations

  • Include a subject line referencing “Health Equity Connector”

  • Increase chances of your information being shared by including an image/event promotion graphic follow up and website link

  • If your event date will occur before the monthly Health Equity Connector dissemination, a lighter event-based version may go out earlier in the month.

Written articles 

Submitting information for inclusion in a future Health Equity Connector:

  1. Step One: After reviewing the Content Suitability Recommendations below, please pitch your idea to AHW’s editorial team. Send an email ahealthierworld@jhu.eduwith subject line referencing “Health Equity Connector” and a brief 50-word paragraph about your article idea.

    • Please indicate topic(s) to be covered and provide a rationale of how it directly relates to global health equity and/or one of our thematic priority areas.

    • Please indicate if you have particular medium(s) in mind, e.g. written article, image, graphic, or social media post.

  2. Step Two: Your article pitch will be discussed by the editorial team for relevancy and suitable timing. We will send article recommendations and request your piece by a specific timeframe.

SS HEq Con_reduced.png

Suitability Recommendations for content shared by AHW

Please note the following:

  • Event, written or visual content should have specific relevance to the Alliance for a Healthier World’s multidisciplinary and health equity-focused audience. To be sure your piece will be relevant, please read our definition of health equity and theory of change (coming soon!) on addressing health equity challenges.

  • Original work written by you/your team is highly encouraged. Quotes from interviews add to authenticity and should complement the piece in addition to offering facts, opinions and supporting visuals.

    • If your work has been published elsewhere, please ensure you make appropriate edits for our readers and also include a reference to where the original article was published.

  • The written piece should be action-oriented and be clearly understood by a high school graduate. Articles with excessive jargon, passive, and abstract language are discouraged and may not be accepted if requiring significant editing.

  • We prefer most articles to be a maximum of 500-700 words. More than 1200 words are not typically accepted.

  • Photographs and graphics/illustrations to accompany written pieces are strongly encouraged. High quality action-oriented photos are preferred over headshots. Caption details are required for photographs to provide context - please include a one sentence description covering who is in the photo, what is happening, where and when it was created, and who to credit for the photo creation.

  • All pieces undergo our editorial process for relevancy, readability and quality, and you may be asked to revise your piece or provide supplemental information. Please consider this time requirement if submitting close to the final submission date.

  • Actionable advice or takeaways are strongly encouraged. We encourage you to give readers usable tips that they can put into action.

  • The primary purpose of your article should be to educate readers about an issue; not advertise your program or services.

  • Link to your sources for citations or references. While a list of references may be appropriate for some pieces, we recommend including a URL to the original sources, whether they are journal articles, a manuscript, or a video interview.

  • All contributions are voluntary. Compensation will not be provided for contributors. All contributions are considered in-kind donations.

  • Publication in the Health Equity Connector or AHW’s events listing is not guaranteed. Editorial decisions will be made according to topic relevancy, timing and readability for AHW audiences.

For questions, please email the Editor, Health Equity Connector here.