Benjamin Ostrander

Benjamin Ostrander

Ben Ostrander

School/Dept/Institution Affiliation(s):

School of Medicine

Whiting School of Engineering (Center for Bioengineering Innovation and Design) 


MD/MSE Candidate

Ahw focus:

Transformative Technologies and Institutions


Benjamin Ostrander is a medical student currently taking a gap year to pursue a master's degree in bioengineering innovation and design. He has multidisciplinary interests in global health, surgery, systems innovation, and social entrepreneurship, and hopes to use his experience and passions to forward the inspiring goals of this initiative.

Ben is thrilled to work on behalf of the Alliance for the Transformative Technologies and Institutions thematic area. His interest in health equity stems from a foundational belief that health is a human right and a fundamental pillar of society. Observing the consequences of health inequity firsthand around the world has further fueled his focus.

Ben believes the coming year as a scholar will be an exciting and stimulating opportunity to promote health equity by nurturing a robust and interconnected innovation platform at Johns Hopkins and beyond, connecting students and faculty across divisions to work together, and finding novel ways to deliver technologies to those who need it most. 

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