Health Equity event connects & inspires colleagues from all JHU disciplines

Compelling Support for Multidisciplinary Events

Scroll below to read the reactions from faculty of several Johns Hopkins Schools about their experience at an cross-school world-cafe style event (hosted by Alliance for Healthier World. 

Learn more from the roundup of this transformative event held in October, 2017 which drew 175 faculty and staff representing every division of the Johns Hopkins University.  See event highlights, quotes from inspired colleagues, view a gallery of high-quality images, video and a graphic representation of conversations between colleagues from diverse disciplines here.  

School of Nursing

I'm a great believer in the power of convening. I think there is nothing more productive than getting people together in a convivial situation, around a focused idea, that helps them work through old problems, and also more importantly, to think about new solutions to old problems. So, I think this is a great opportunity to bring the community of Johns Hopkins together.
- PATRICIA DAVIDSON - Professor and Dean of School of Nursing at Johns Hopkins University and Steering Committee Rep., Alliance for a Healthier World

Peabody Institute

It’s not just nice [to do], but imperative that we learn to cross the disciplinary divides, and discover how we can work together to bring increased resources to bear on the challenges we all face.
- FRED BRONSTEIN, Dean of the Peabody Institute

School of Medicine

The most important thing the Alliance can provide is a visibility - that we're one university and we can pull together different disciplines to approach, to attack, to solve problems of social justice and health inequities. These are huge problems for the world, not just our own country, but for all countries.
Being able to work across disciplines, with anthropologists, with innovators, with physicians, nurses, public health people - provides a unique opportunity - I think the Alliance offers that opportunity. Whether it’s pulling people together, to work together, making that visible connection. Whether its providing funding for individuals to work together. Or whether its providing seminars, lectures, workshops - all of that is to further the goals of the Alliance - which are focused on social justice and health inequities.
THOMAS QUINN - Professor Johns Hopkins University, School of Medicine, Director Center of Global Health, Steering Committee Rep., Alliance for a Healthier World

Carey Business School

[At an AHW event] this evening for the first time, I met the chair of the sociology department from the Krieger school of arts and sciences. Within the business school, there is a great interest in sociology, whether its organization management, sociology of cities within our real estate program. Or the general idea we have in the business program of not just trying to build good business, but good societies and how that would fit.
So bringing people with these different backgrounds together, to have conversations on topics of mutual interest, is a great way to build on the strength that the university has, and the interest that we have to come up with new ideas, potential new solutions - or at least the kernels of new solutions - that we can then take forwards over time.
I would love to see more events like this because it’s from events like these that great new ideas have the opportunity to be born.
-KEVIN FRICK, Vice Dean for Education at the Johns Hopkins Carey Business School
I had the chance to talk about the issue of health equity with somebody from APL - that’s something I've never had the chance to do. So being able to connect to someone from a different area than I work in, different lenses that I use to look at healthcare issues, was something that was invigorating to know that even people coming from type of science, they have similar interests on an issue.
- JEMIMA FRIMPONG: Associate Professor at Johns Hopkins Carey School of Business and Steering Committee Rep., Alliance for a Healthier World

Provosts Office

The value of such events is to bring faculty from different corners, backgrounds, and languages, to begin to share ideas, to acknowledge their different perspectives about issues facing global health in the world.  The marrying of these different perspectives can lead to better research, better science.
-DENIS WIRTZ - Vice Provost for Research at the Johns Hopkins University


Check out the inspiring new video by the Alliance for a Healthier World - see reactions from JHU researchers about mixing with many colleagues from other disciplines.

Sheridan Jones is the Associate Director for Communications & Outreach at the Alliance for a Healthier World (AHW). She brings an integrative communications lens to AHW with more than a decade experience in diverse cultural settings across five continents, training in multiple disciplines, and a passion for human health and environmental conservation.