Big Impressions made by first group of AHW Student Scholars

In the first year of the Global Health Equity Scholars Program, ten exceptional student scholars were selected from over 100 applications received from almost every division of Johns Hopkins University. While each candidate represented a different facet of the diverse JHU student body, these ten stood out in the multidisciplinary nature of their studies and the breadth of their experiences both before and while at JHU. Our scholars are enrolled in programs spanning business, public health, medicine, history, engineering, and human-centered design, and bring varied professional experience including community mobilization, investigative journalism, and project implementation. 

What have they been working on?

  • In October, several of our scholars assisted with a university-wide world café event designed to bring together faculty across JHU (Cocktails & New Perspectives: Connecting Diverse Expertise on Health Equity & Social Justice). They were integral to the evening, synthesizing conversations and providing key insights that were translated into a visual graphic of the night’s discussions.
  • In December, they participated in a group discussion unpacking health equity and the multi-layered factors that contribute to disparities.
  • This spring, we’re aiming to offer workshops on professional development, showcase the scholars’ research achieved under the mentorship of thematic leaders, and continue to build the foundation of a scholarly community focused on health equity.
  • Many of these activities were sourced directly from the scholars and will advance their capacities as thoughtful, analytic, engaged advocates, researchers, and practitioners.

The Significant Value of Students

Our 10 scholars are a subset of the passion for equity and social justice that exists at JHU. Students today are engaged early and often in work that will shift the culture of our world – through their ideas, innovations, or something we haven’t even dreamed of yet - towards one that ensures lives that are full and prosperous for all people around the globe.

We’re over halfway through this year with the 2017-2018 cohort - the next months will be full of exciting work (and a little fun, naturally). I can’t wait to see what our scholars do next, both with GHES and beyond. 

Nina Martin
GHE Scholars Program Manager


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