New program for Student Scholars

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Open to students from across the University

Support multidisciplinary collaboration in global health 

The Alliance for a Healthier World is thrilled to share information about an exciting new scholars program available to students from all JHU divisions.  Scholars will conduct research, lead student group events, and facilitate interactions between experts from several disciplines. They will contribute to the innovative work of the Alliance under the direct mentorship of thematic leaders and senior staff.  

Encouraging students from a diverse mix of disciplines

We are seeking a diverse mix of student scholars to assist with our innovative multidisciplinary approach to tackling global health equity issues. The ideal mix includes but goes beyond traditional public health focused schools or departments. We anticipate strong interest from students of SOM, SON, and JHSPH. We’re particularly eager to encourage students from the SOE, KSAS, WSE, SAIS, Carey Business School and the Peabody Institute to also apply.

Learn about health equity here and read examples of how each discipline contributes and interconnects here.

Benefits for Student scholars

GHE Scholars gain valuable exposure and experience, in addition to financial payment. Benefits include:

  • Be part of innovative teams making impact on complex global health challenges
  • Increased networks with faculty and students across the university
  • Gaining practical skills applicable to a field of your interest
  • Special access to speakers and presenters from various disciplines brought through the seminar series
  • Potential to be recruited to a Healthier World planning grant or implementation grant team

Expectations & Eligibility Requirements

Approximately 8-10 scholars will be hired as paid research assistants for one academic year. Scholars will be expected to commit an average of 10-12 hours each week to the program. 

Scholars must be full-time students at a US-based Johns Hopkins University school or division. Scholars may not be current freshmen or students planning on taking a study abroad or other full-time venture off the primary JHU campuses during the current academic year.

Students may apply to work within a specific thematic area or for the Alliance more broadly. The four thematic areas of the Alliance are:

  1. Food & Nutrition Security
  2. Healthy Environments
  3. Gender Equity & Justice
  4. Transformative Technologies & Institutions

Learn more about the Alliance's thematic research areas here.

Potential scope of work for Scholars

During the 10-12 hours each week, duties of each Global Health Equity Scholars will be tailored to the need of each thematic area and the skill sets or strengths of the selected scholars. Tasks will include some of the following:

  • Assist Alliance thematic leaders with research projects, program development, implementation, monitoring, and output tracking
  • Provide technical assistance on and support the development of communities of practice or collaboratories dedicated to specific global health challenge areas.
  • Identify significant challenges to global health equity by crowdsourcing ideas and helping to frame how we might tackle these challenges.
  • Support development of a workshop series facilitating the community of faculty and students innovating to advance health equity across the University.
  • Support “problem smashing sessions” which aim to bring together faculty, staff, and students across the University, together with outside experts and partners, for events in order to develop innovative solutions to global health equity challenges.  
    • Develop briefings, reviews, stay on top of the literature, and constantly synthesize new information and developments in the field.
  • Assist in building an array of services to support the innovation ecosystem for those engaged in health equity-oriented research, policy and interventions.
  • Assist the thematic leads and communications team with strategic communications:
    • To promote the Initiative’s grant competitions, events and programs across JHU divisions
    • By supporting content development (e.g. articles, announcements, digital media) for the community of practice platform and Alliance website
  • Identity and develop other convening or capstone events for students and faculty.
  • Encourage activities advancing health equity across existing student groups and examine the feasibility of a leadership council of student leaders engaged in such activities.

The Application Process


8-10 Global Health Equity Scholars are recruited once each year. Applications from students across the various university divisions are reviewed by a selection team to gather the most suitably qualified Scholars.

For best consideration, please submit applications by 11:59 PM on MONDAY, SEPTEMBER 18th, 2017.


The GHES application gauges your interest in health equity, your potential contribution to the Alliance and its benefit to you.  

  1. Please use the link below to complete the GHES Application Survey.  Please note, you'll need to sign into a Google/Gmail account.  
  2. After you have completed the online survey, please email us the following required documents:

  • Resume or CV
  • academic transcript
  • 1-2 references (name and contact details).

Please title your CV and Transcript following the format "Lastname_Firstname_CV" and "Lastname_Firstname_Transcript".

Further Information

Please click links for more information about the following:

For answers to frequently asked questions about GHE Scholars:

If you have questions not covered by these resources, the team at the Alliance for a Healthier World is happy to assist via our email address. Please be sure to submit your application using the GHES survey form in the linked application box above.