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Cocktails & New Perspectives

  • George Peabody Library 17 East Mount Vernon Place Baltimore, MD, 21202 United States (map)

Please note, this event has passed.  You can view a full roundup about event outcomes

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Event Overview

We are inviting Johns Hopkins University faculty and staff to join a special event at the George Peabody Library with music provided by Peabody faculty and students, along with light refreshments and an opportunity to interact with Hopkins faculty from across the University in creative, caring, and insightful ways.

The event is the first in a series by the new Alliance for a Healthier World, designed to enhance multidisciplinary research cooperation between JHU Divisions.

  • Attendees include approximately 175 faculty representing all JHU Divisions and key AHW partners working on global health, sustainable development, environmental, gender and social justice
  • Balance of entertainment, networking, facilitated small-table discussion and opportunity to learn how to work more effectively with other disciplines
  • Spotlight on incorporating arts into research and solutions addressing complex social challenges
  • Free cocktails and light food in the spectacular ambiance of the Peabody Library

Event Highlights

Health Equity Cafe

A key feature of the event format - the Health Equity Café - uses an innovative World Café method to bring diverse people together around questions that matter.  It is designed to spark meaningful conversations and to help faculty get to know about people who they wouldn’t ordinarily work with.

Learn more about our Health Equity Cafe activity for this event.

Music Connection to Health Equity

Featuring remarks, as well as interactive performances responding to the evening’s conversations, by Peabody Conservatory faculty, staff, and students

View Rare Iconic Documents

  • Charles Darwin’s Origin of the Species
  • Adam Smith's Wealth of Nations
Image by graphic artist Sonja Niederhumer, courtesy of the     World Café  . 

Image by graphic artist Sonja Niederhumer, courtesy of the World Café

    Reasons to Attend

    • Get to know colleagues from all JHU divisions working on issues related to global health, equity, sustainable development, environmental, gender and social justice
    • Connect with colleagues working on transformative technologies to advance health equity
    • Learn about barriers that limit the effectiveness of multidisciplinary collaboration, and explore ways to overcome these
    • Highlight to JHU colleagues the technical skills offered by your discipline  and value gained by incorporating diverse disciplines into research teams to solve complex social problems
    • Meet the Alliance for a Healthier World team responsible for distributing Healthier World Challenge grants $1.5M annually. 


    What is the Alliance for a Healthier World?

    The driving force behind the Alliance is a recognition that our most challenging health equity problems cannot be solved through single disciplinary approaches or simple projects.

    Achieving healthy equity not only requires health professionals, but also specialists from a wide range of other disciplines to analyze patterns, propose and test innovative solutions, and give voice to people’s experiences and ambitions.

    You can read more on our website about the Alliance’s efforts to draw upon all the University’s Schools and Divisions, and work across disciplines, using a full range of theories, methods, and tools.


    Venue Details & Transportation Options


    Recommended dress code for this event is - business casual +

    George Peabody Library

    17 E Mt Vernon Pl, Baltimore, MD 21202

    JHU Shuttle

    We encourage those with access to JHU shuttle services to take advantage of door to door service.  Location and timetables to the Peabody venue from Homewood and East Baltimore campuses will be provided in your pre-event package in days leading up to the event.

    SAIS in Washington DC - depending on final numbers of registered SAIS attendees, a direct shuttle may be provided.

    Free Parking

    Guaranteed Free Parking in nearby garage is available to registered attendees. We encourage registration before October 16th to ensure availability of paid parking passes. Details and location of the designated parking garage will be provided in your pre-event package in days leading up to the event.


    1. Register for the event.

    Prior registration is required. Unfortunately, there will be no walk-up attendees.   

    Limited Numbers

    Due to the facilitated nature of the event, there will be a maximum number of faculty attendees from each JHU Division. Once faculty allocations for each Division have been reached, a waiting list will be established for any spare places.  

    • Faculty & Staff Only - Please note, this event is focused on faculty and relevant technical staff.  Future events will encourage student participation.
    • Registration form includes a question asking attendees to reflect on what health equity and/or social means to them personally

    Please note, as of 12.45pm on 17th October, event registration has reached capacity and is now closed. 

    • ** If you have received a prior personalized email invitation from the Alliance for a Healthier World, please email AHW for further instructions. 
    • For others, please follow the link below to be added to our Waiting List.

    2. Receive Pre-event Package

    In the days leading up to the event, we’ll email you a pre-event package with:

    • A detailed event itinerary
    • List of event attendees will be circulated a few days prior to the event so you can anticipate potential networking opportunities.  Name tags will be provided during the event to make these connections easier.
    • An overview of questions to be discussed during the Health Equity Café section
    • JHU Shuttle location and timetable plus map and directions for the designated parking garage.

    Follow Up After the Event

    Event Resources

    Summary coverage of the event will be provided on our website Events section including key lessons learned, presentations delivered, visual footage of the event.

    We’ll continue adding materials to our Educational Resources Library to support your efforts in enhancing multidisciplinary collaboration and/or research to address health equity.

    Of potential interest to our attendees

    A two-day international conference, Media Medica: Medicine & the Challenge of New Media, is being hosted on October 27 - 28, 2017 on several JHU campuses by the Institute of the History of Medicine, Center for Medical Humanities & Social Medicine, and the Alexander Grass Humanities Institute. More information and registration available here.